Friday, June 12, 2009

Stationery Show Pals

Just now trying to get some pics up of the Stationery Show that was May 17-20th. Here's a pic of Paper Words booth star Rob Fortier, helper pal Doll Barnes and me. Fun to see both of them at the show in Rob's booth. He's exhibited in the Stationery Show for several years and always gets fabulous press in the trade publications he sends press to. His line is great! Hope he sold lots at the show! The Stationery Show and Surtex Show were both smaller than in years past. Both were condensed to one floor. The lousy economy has affected artists and manufacturers alike. I sure hope it gets better soon. Such talented people and great products out there. I'm optimistic things will get better!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sushi Blossoms & Flat Stanley

Sushi Blossoms and Flat Stanley? What? A couple weeks back the white blossoms were on the two trees in front of Choshi Sushi across from my building on Irving Place, thus Sushi Blossoms. And around that time my pal Dana came in from Dallas and took me to lunch at Casa Mono. Yumm! Thus Flat Stanley and me in front of Casa Mono. I had never heard of "Flat Stanley", I know... I'm out of it on a lot of things! He had to take pics for a pal who is tracking Flat Stanley and he decided to record him in front of all the "Iron Chef's restaurants. Mario Batali owns Case Mono and Dana dined at Morimoto's place too while in NYC. Flat Stanley likes watching Iron Chef, so do I!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's Spring and while Yellow Daffodils and Crocus always signal Spring to me it's the Red Geraniums that cinch the deal. In all the years I've lived in NYC I always buy Red Geraniums to plant and put on my windowsill. I have two wonderful glazed ceramic containers I bought years ago in Kansas City and I've trekked them across the US to San Francisco where they were in my backyard garden filled with Impatiens and then on to NYC to live here for the last 12 years. I'm gonna buy my flowers this weekend and plant them. Will take pics when I get them planted. Til then, here's a welcome to Geranium season that I took on a recent April trip to KC.

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm Back!

I'm Back!!! I can't believe it's been since February 15th since I posted here last. I haven't been a good blogger! My computer and camera have both been causing me some grief. I've been traveling a lot, Phoenix, San Francisco and Kansas City, great fun to see my pals in all three cities:) Been teaching at SVA and FIT and finishing up my classes for Spring semester. Did a workshop in SF and KC and getting ready to do a workshop in NYC on May 16th! Surtex and the Stationery Shows open May 17th-20th. Speaking at a Licensing Panel Event for the Guild on May 21st. Saw some out of town pals this weekend in from Nashville and LA. And, and, and... a million other excuses why I haven't been blogging! I could say I'll try and be better... well... we will see. Here are a couple of pics of flowers cuz it's Spring and I love Spring!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sweets for You Sweeties

A couple of weeks back I went to dinner at Miracle Grill on Bleeker with Jenny, Jeff, Dan and Al. And, of course after dinner we had to stop in at Magnolia Bakery for the boyz to get cupcakes. I had a blast taking pics and almost made it out without buying a thing. But the 2nd trip in when Jenny went to get Jeff and Al seconds on cupcakes I went back in to take more pics. I'm not crazy about their cupcakes, I like they way they look but think they are too dry and the icing too lardy. So I caved and bought one of the Magic Cookie Bars with coconut and chocolate chips with a buttery bottom crust. Brought it home and had it with a glass of cold milk. I got some deelish Godiva chocolates for Valentines Day and have been enjoying those. Hope you had some yummy sweets for Valentines Day from your sweetie.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Taters

Happy Valentines Day Sweet Taters! I haven't posted in ages but couldn't pass up wishing you all a Happy Love Day. I got this potato in a bag of Trader Joe taters last year and took a pic and added some red. I can't resist accidental heart findings like rocks, potato chips, mushrooms and this little tater. Have fun and may all your sweet dreams come true!

Friday, January 23, 2009

January in New York

I know enough already with the holiday windows! But these I totally missed and last week when I needed a Lyric Diner fix of their roast chicken for dinner I saw that the German restaurant across the street on the corner of 3rd Ave and 22nd Street still had up their holiday decor. And dramatic decor it is, cuz the whole inside of the place is covered especially the ceiling. It's incredible to see how they decorate for every season. So I had to snap a few shots to post. Some are inside, some are from outside looking in. And, because it's been bitter cold (6 degrees people)I haven't been out much to take new pics. So I promise this is it for holiday hoopla til December roles around again.